The exhibition would not be possible without the courage of the people who agreed to be photographed and talk about the abuse they have experienced. We are also exceptionally grateful for the willingness of staff of several organizations working with domestic workers and/or migrants to help us. It was not always easy and took much of their time. In particular, we are indebted to the following:


Anis Hidayah, Executive Director, field officer Nurharsono and the supportive staff of Migrant Care. Translators Gita Tampubolon and Binti Mukaromah Muhtarom.



Pemba Lama, Deputy Secretary General, and Binda Pandey, a Planning Commission member, with GEFONT; Sonu Danuwar, President of the Nepal Independent Domestic Workers Trade Union; Pradhip with CWISH; Manju Gurung, Bijaya Rai Shrestha and Muna Gautam of POURAKHI; Chandani Rana with ABC Nepal; and Maiti Nepal. Translator Kesang Renchen.



Ma. Cecilia Flores-Oebanda, President and Executive Director, Alfred Ari Regino, Karen Navera, Sheryl Losena and Agnes Villegas with Visayan Forum Foundation; Luther Calderon with Kampi; Fe Nicodemus with Kakampi; Noel Valencia and Vikki with Kanlugan; Jerome with the Ople Center; and Minette Romando and Ana Valencia with the ILO. Translator Mishka Bosch. Leah Valle helped with introductions to a Hong Kong shelter.


Hong Kong

Elizabeth Tang, General Secretary with the International Domestic Workers Federation; IP Pui Yu (Fish), Regional coordinator (Asia) with the International Domestic Workers Federation; Sring, a domestic worker and member of Indonesian Migrant Workers Union; Wong Siu Woon (Michelle), Organizing secretary with the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions and General Secretary, Hong Kong Domestic Workers General Union; Shiella Estrada, a domestic worker and founder leader for Filipino Migrant Workers Union; Chuni Thapa, a domestic worker and chairperson of the Union of Nepali Domestic Workers in Hong Kong; Edwina Antonio-Calimutan and Esther C. Bangcawayan with the Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge; Rey Asis with the Asia Pacific Mission for Migrant Workers. Eni Lestari, now with the Indonesian Coalition to Stop Overcharging-HK and Chairperson of the International Migrants’ Alliance. Translators Kanitka, Chitra and Siti Nurhudiyah (and gracious guide).

We are also indebted to the endless support of Sophy Fisher, Jiraporn Wongpaithoon, Kwantawan Hongladarom and Wei Xiangnan from the ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific communications unit, and former ILO Regional Director for Asia Pacific Yoshiteru Uramoto.




International Domestic Workers Federation

International Trade Union Confederation

Migrant Forum in Asia

WalkFree – The Movement to End Modern Slavery

Open Society Foundation

Amnesty International

Human Rights Watch 

Hivos People Unlimited