The dog was barking, which woke the female employer. Anis had arrived in Hong Kong and at the employers’ house only five days earlier from Indonesia. The husband and daughter had gone out. Anis used a broom to shoo the dog into submission but he barked louder. The employer appeared at her bedroom door angry, shouting in Cantonese. The woman grabbed Anis’ left hand and pulled her to the kitchen. Anis had no idea what she was saying and followed dutifully. The woman grabbed a wide butcher knife, placed the hand on the chopping board and started to slice across all four fingers. Anis jerked her hand away. The knife cut only the ring finger, slicing the tendon and fracturing the bone.

She went to her room, wrapped her hand with a towel and did not dare to cry. The female employer left the house. Anis cleaned up the chopping board, the knife and blood stains. She washed her hand in running water and was scared because the bleeding would not stop. She asked for help from another Indonesian domestic worker through the kitchen window. The worker told her to call her agency. Minutes later, a building security guard and the other domestic worker came to the apartment to take her to the hospital, but she refused because the agent told her never to leave the house. Fortunately, the guard called for an ambulance.


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